British online English language school “Sherwood “is a unique opportunity to learn English with native speaking teachers from the comfort of your own home

Why choose us?

  • All our teachers are native speakers, qualified and experienced in teaching English as a second language
  • We use only textbooks and programmes which are proven effective, efficient and engaging
  • We use a student-centred approach; every student is actively engaged in using the language.
  • Our courses are affordable and prices are reasonable.

Why is it important to study English with teachers?

Self-studying is undoubtedly possible. But given the significant phonetic, grammatical and lexical differences between English and most other languages, it can lead to learning your own mistakes or using the grammatical structures of your mother tongue in English. If you have any questions and unclear point you have no one to ask.
Besides, many people simply are not able to get themselves engaged in a systematic way. In addition, learning the language on your own, it is virtually impossible to master speaking skills - because you do not have anyone to talk to in English!

Why is it important to study English with native speakers?

If you study English with the teachers, who are not English native, you are bound to learn their mistakes and accents. It is possible that as a result of learning with such a teacher, you will master successfully the theory of language and will distinguish verbs tenses brilliantly, but you will not be able to actually speak English and understand spoken English.
Moreover, engaging with native speakers, you immerse yourself in the UK culture and language. You have to talk in English, at least for communication with your teacher. By communicating with native speakers, you overcome both language and psychological barriers.

Why is it important to learn English with professional teachers?

Very often native speakers, who offer teaching English on Skype, do not have any linguistics, education or English degree, do not have any teaching skills or experience, and they offer just a practice in conversational English. Do not expect them to explain to you grammar rules and phonetics details.

Why is it important to study the language in small groups?

Most people simply feel bored when they have to study alone. Small groups of 6 to 10 people - a group size that allows students to assimilate information quickly in the optimal volume. Students have the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of fellow students, to study in live interaction, healthy competition and educational synergy.

Why is it convenient to study English online?

Our school provides a unique opportunity for students to study in a complete analogue of an offline British language school. But you do not need to spend money on tickets, visas, accommodation in a foreign country, and what is most important - you save your time.
Platform WISIQ, which we use for the educational process in our school, provides excellent audio and video quality, allows you to fully simulate a class in school full-time.

Why is it important to study English under an effective programme?

Unsystematic learning the language often results in significant gaps in your language knowledge or to sustainable aversion to English. It fuels your belief that it is totally unrealistic to learn English to a sufficient level.
In addition, many people simply need an external supervisor who maintains an optimal learning pace and motivates them to study.


We do not promise that "you will be speaking English in 10 lessons". Mastering the language is hard work that requires systematic efforts.

The result depends on your goals and your level of aspiration, abilities and diligence.

What we can guarantee is the high professionalism of our teachers, advanced training programmes and competitive prices.

Get the benefits of full-time British language school, learning at home!

Save money on tickets and visas for the accommodation in a foreign country, and finally save your time!