These are common English collocations: verbs + prepositions

1. + about

boast about

decide about

dream about

protest about

reminisce about

2. + against

battle/fight/struggle against

decide against

discriminate against

insure against

protest against

race against

3. + at

glance at

hint at

marvel at

4. + for

account for

allow for

apply for

blame sb for

cater for

count for

opt for

provide for

struggle for


5. + from

abstain from

ban from

bar from

benefit from

derive from

differ from

distinguish from

expel from

distract from

profit from

stem from

6. + in

confide in

fail in

implicate in

indulge in

involve in

result in

specilise in

7. + into

divide/split sth into

poke your nose into

pry into

8. + of

consist of

deprive of

remind of

9. + on

blame sth on sb

concentrate on

congratulate sb on sth

comment on

decide on

depend on

elaborate on

impose on

lavish on

pride oneself on

10. + to

appeal to

apply (oneself/sth) to

attend to

attribute to

contribute to

devote oneself to

lead to

react to

refer to

resort to

subject (sb/sth) to

tend to

trace (back) to

11. + with

acquaint with

associate with

coincide with

collide with

comply with

confront with

confuse with

cram with

ingratiate oneself with

provide with

tamper with

trust with