English collocations: prepositions with word phrases


at a cost

at a discount

at a distance

at a glance

at a guess

at a loss/profit

at a moment's notice

at all costs

at all events

at an advantage

at any rate

at breakfast/lunch

at church/school

at ease

at first hand

at first sight

at hand (=closely)

at heart (=basically)

at home

at last

at least

at length

at liberty

at night (note: in the night)

at noon

at odds with

at one's request (= because sb wishes it)

at peace/war

at present

at random

at risk

at sea

at speed

at age of

at the beginning (= when sth started)

at the end (=when sth finishes)

at the expense of

at the last possible time

at the moment

at the point of (= at that particular time)

at the present time

at the same time

at the time (= at a particular time)

at times (= sometimes)

at work


by accident

by all accounts

by all means

by birth

by bus/train/plane/car (but note: IN my own car, ON the 8 o'clock train)

by chance

by cheque

by day/night

by far

by force

by hand (= using the hands)

by heart (= from memory)

by land/sea/air

by law

by luck (=luckily)

by marriage

by means of

by mistake

by name (= using a name)

by nature

by now

by oneself

by post/airmail

by profession

by request ( as a response to sb's wish)

by sight (know sb by sight only, not as a friend)

by surprise

by the end (= before sth finishes)

by the time (= before reaching a certain point)

by the way (= incidentally)


for a change

for a moment (= for a short time)

for a visit/holiday

for a walk

for a while

for ages (informal)

for breakfast/lunch/dinner

for certain

for ever

for fears of (= in case sth happens)

for good (=forever)

for granted

for hire

for life

for nothing

for once (= on one occasion)

for sale (= to be sold)

for sb's sake

for short

for the moment (=for now. for the time being)

for the sake of

for the time being

from memory

from now on

from time to time


in a (good/bad) mood

in a hurry

in a mess

in a way (= to some extent)

in addition

in advance (of)

in agony

in all

in any case (= anyway)

in arrears

in bed

in blossom

in case of

in cash

in charge of

in common with

in conclusion

in danger

in debt

in difficulty

in disguise

in disorder

in doubt

in fact

in favour of (= supporting)

in favour with (= liked by)

in fear of (= afraid of)

in front of (= further forward than)

in future

in general

in horror of

in ink/pencil

in love with

in mourning for

in name only (= not really)

in no time(= very quickly)

in one's free time

in other words

in pain

in particular

in person

in pieces

in possession of (= owning)

in principle (= theoretically)

in prison/jail

in private/public

in progress

in return

in secret

in self-defence

in some respects (in some ways)

in stock

in summer/winter

in tears

in the air

in the beginning (= originally)

in the case of (= in the event)

in the dark

in the end (= finally)

in the habit of

in the meantime

in the mood for (= wanting to do sth)

in the morning

in the mountains

in the name of (= on sb's behalf)

in the news

in the right/wrong

in time (= early enough)

in time of (= during a particular time)

in touch

in tune with

in turn

in two/half

in uniform

in use

in vain

in view of (=because of, taking into account)


on a diet

on a journey

on a trip/cruise/excursion

on an afternoon/evening

on account of

on an island

on approval

on average

on bail

on balance

on behalf of

on business

on credit

on demand

on duty

on fire

on foot

on good/bad terms with

on holiday

on impulse

on leave

on loan

on no account (= under no circumstances)

on one's mind

on one's own

on order

on paper

on principle (= according to a particular belief)

on purpose

on sale (= reduced in price)

on second thoughts

on sight (as soon as sth is seen)

on strike

on the agenda

on the air

on the contrary

on the one/other hand

on the outskirts

on the phone

on the point of (=about to)

on the radio/TV

on the way

on the whole

on time (= at the correct time)

Out of

out of breath

out of control (= uncontrolled)

out if danger

out of date

out of debt

out of doors

out of fashion

out of hand

out of luck

out of order

out of pity

out of place

out of practice

out of reach

out of season

out if sight (= beyond one's range of vision)

out of stock

out of the question

out of town

out of use

out of work


off colour

off duty

off school/work

off the record

off the road


under age

under arrest

under control (= controlled)

under discussion

under one's breath

under pressure

under repair

under the impression

under the weather


with a view to (= intending to)

with difficulty

with luck (= hopefully)

with reference to

with regard to

with the compliments of

with the exception of

without delay

without fail

without success

without warning


round the corner


to one's astonishment

to one's surprise

to sb's face

to this day