These are common adjectives + prepositions collocations:

1. + by

abashed by

accompanied by

amazed by/at

astonished by/at

confused by

deserted by

disappointed by/with

distracted by

divisible by

elated by/at

impressed by/with

inspired by

irritated by/with

surprised by/at

surrounded by

2. +for

anxious for

destined for

good for (sth)

eligible for

essential for

handy for

(im)possible for

normal for

prepared for (ready for sth to happen)

punish sb for sth

responsible for

sorry for sb

sufficient for 

thirsty for

3. +in

absorbed/engrossed in

apparent in

deep in sth

deficient in

efficient in/at

fluent in

include sb/sth in

involved in

lacking in

originate in

present in

proficient in/at

rich in

skilled in/at

soluble in

successful in/at

4. + of

afraid of + noun (spider, the dark etc)

ahead of

appreciative of

apprehensive of/about

ashamed of

aware of

devoid of

guilty of

ignorant of

incapable of

independent of/from

indicative of

innocent of

irrespective of

jealous of

mindful of

oblivious of

proud of

regardless of

reminiscent of

sure of

suspicious of

tired of

typical of

5. +on

based on

centred on

dependent on

intent on

tough on

6. + to

acceptable to

accessible to

accustomed to

addicted to

adjacent to

agreeable to

allergic to

assigned to

auxiliary to

averse to

committed to

conducive to

crucial to

damaging to

dear to

destructive to

difficult/hard/painful to

engaged to sb

immune to

im(polite) to

impervious to

indifferent to

integral to

irrelevant to

liable to

obedient to

obliged to sb for sth

obvious to

opposed to

opposite to

previous to

prone to

resigned to

resistant to

sensitive to

similar to

slow to

subject to

(un)able to

vulnerable to

7. + with

acquainted with

annoyed with sb

blue (with cold)

breathless (with excitement)

bursting (with health)

concerned with/concerned about

delighted with

disappointed with/by

displeased with

dissatisfied with

fraught with

good (with children)

identical with/to

impatient with sb

incompatible with

obsessed with

packed with

patient with

pleased with/about

popular with

possessive with/about

shy with/of