Will/Shall (general predictions)

Space tourism will soon become a reality.

Spanish will become the official language of the USA.

There will be unprecedented changes in the field of communications.

Cars will have voice recognition systems and face or hand scanners instead of keys.

Going To (strong intentions)

I'm going to climb Mount Everest.

I'm going to run a marathon for charity next month.

I'm going to get married by the time I'm 30.


Going To (predictions based on evidence)

I can see black clouds, so I think it is going to rain.

I've just seen a black cat - maybe I'm going to win the lottery!


Present Simple (Scheduled or Timetabled Future Events)

My train leaves at 8 pm.

He plain arrives at 10.12 am.


Present Continuous (Plans and arrangements)

I'm seeing my parents this weekend.

I'm working tomorrow, so I can't meet you.


Future Continuous (Actions in progress at a point in the future)

By 2020 people will be driving solar-powered cars.

By this time next year, I'll be running my own company.


Future Perfect (Actions completed by a Future Point)

By this time next year, I'll have completed this course and passed CAE.

I'll have mastered the English language by the time I've finished this course.


Future Perfect Continuous (Talking about the length of an action as seen from a moment in the future)

By 2018, I'll have been studying English for ten years.


Be to (Official plans and arrangements)

The company is to provide insurance for all of its workers.


Be due to (Formal arrangements)

The plane is due to land at 6.00