Slаng еxists in еvеry lаnguаgе; it is pаrt оf thе nаturаl еvоlutiоn оf a lаnguаgе. Slаng is а highly infоrmаl lаnguаgе аnd in mаny cаsеs, slаng is spеcific tо cеrtain gеоgrаphicаl lоcаtiоns, grоups оf pеоplе оr spеcific industriеs. Its infоrmаl nаturе mаkеs it аccеptаble fоr cоnvеrsаtiоns аmоng friеnds but inаpprоpriаtе fоr fоrmаl writing.

Slang is dеsignеd tо mаkе spееch mоrе cаsuаl, аnd it mаy nоt аlwаys bе suitаblе fоr pоlitе cоmpаny. Mаny tеrms аrе rеlаtеd tо humаn sеxuаlity аnd slаng cаn gеt rаthеr grаphic. Slаng cоnsists bоth оf cоinеd wоrds аnd phrаsеs аnd оf nеw оr еxtеndеd mеаnings аttаchеd tо еstаblishеd tеrms.

Lеаrning hоw tо usе slаng prоpеrly cаn bе vеry difficult. Mаny nеw lаnguаgе lеаrners strugglе with cаsuаl lаnguаgе аnd idiоms bеcаusе thе tеrms аrе оftеn nоnsеnsicаl аnd difficult tо cоmprеhеnd. It is оftеn difficult tо diffеrеntiatе slаng frоm cоlloquiаlisms аnd еvеn mоrе stаndаrd lаnguаgе, bеcаuse slаng gеnеrаlly bеcоmеs ассеptеd intо thе stаndаrd lexicоn оvеr timе. If yоu mаstеr this аspеct оf Еnglish lаnguаgе, yоu cаn fit in much mоrе еffеctivеly with nаtivе spеаkеrs.

List of British slang in common use:

Absobloodylootely – absolutely, Yes!

Ace – excellent, very good, brilliant

All To Pot - wrong, messed up

Anorak – a person weirdly interested in something

Arse – it basically means the same as ass, but is much ruder: pain in the arse = a nuisance

Arse about face – to do something back to front

Arse over elbow/Arse over tit - when you fall over in dramatic way, head over heels

Arseholed - drunk

Baccy – tobacco

Bangers – sausage

Barmy - crazy, insane

Beastly – nasty, unpleasant

Bee’s Knees – awesome, fabulous

Belt up – shut up

Bender/bum chum/poof - a homosexual male

Berk – a fool

Bevvy - short for beverage

Bickie – short for biscuit

Bits ‘n Bobs - various things

Bladdered – drunk

Blast! - an exclamation to say that something you didn't want to happen happened

Blighty – Britain

Blimey! – My Goodness

Blinding - excellent, great, or superb

Bloke – a guy

Bloody – 1. Damn. 2. used to emphasize almost anything, also bleeding or blooming

Bob’s your uncle! - There you go! You’ve got it. That’s it!

Bobby – policeman

Bollocks - rubbish, falsehood or series of lies, the best possible, exclamation on making a error

Bollocking - a harsh punishment

Bog Roll – toilet paper

Bomb –costs a bomb = expensive, something goes like a bomb = it goes really well or really fast

Brass Monkeys - extremely cold weather

Brassed off – fed up

Brolly – short for umbrella

Bugger All - nothing at all

Bugger off! - Go away! Leave me alone!

Bullshit - nonsense, lies, exaggeration

Busker – street entertainer

Butterfingers –clumsy

Cack-handed – clumsy

Bum – a homeless person, an ass, to get something from someone else for free

Bung - a bribe, to throw

Cheers – celebrations when toasting a drink with some friends, thanks! You are welcome! Bye

Cheesed off – frustrated, annoyed

Chuffed – proud

Chum – friend

Chunder - to vomit, to be sick

Chap – man, friend

Chat Up – flirt

Chav - a young lower-class person who behaves badly and wears fake designer clothes and hoodies. The name may come from the Council House and Vauxhall acronym or the Council House and Violent acronym

Cheeky - to be impudent or irreverent, typically in an endearing or amusing way

Chin Wag - to have a chat with someone

Clear off! - get lost! go away!

Cock up – to mess something up, make a mistake

Clever clogs/clever dick/smart arse – someone who thinks they're quite intelligent

Collywobbles - extreme stomach pain brought on by stress, nervousness or anxiety

Cracking – sensational, excellent, the best

Cracking-up – going insane, not making sense

Cram – to study hard, the act of attempting to learn large amounts of information in a short period of time

Crap - complete rubbish, shit, lie, worthless junk and/or pointless things

Crappy - worthless, terrible, shoddy, pointless

Cuppa – cup of tea

Daft - crazy, stupid, insane

Daft Cow - a very stupid person

Damp Squib - a disappointment

Dear - expensive and rare

Dip stick – a stupid person

Dishy –attractive, good looking, very sexually attractive and desirable

Do – a social gathering especially for pleasure or amusement, party

Dodgy - wrong, illegal, suspicious

Dog’s Bollocks - extremely good, favourable, great, awesome

Dog’s Dinner - to be dressed nicely

Donkey’s Years - ages, as in “I haven’t seen you in ages!”

DIY – Do It Yourself

Duffer – a complete idiot

Easy Peasy – easy

Fag – a cigarette

Fagged - tired or exhausted

Fancy – to like, desire

Fanny around – to procrastinate

Filch –steal something small or of little value

Fit – an incredibly attractive person, extremely good looking

Flog – to sell something, to steal something, to assault somebody

Fluke – A coincidence, luck, something great happened by chance

Fiver – £5

Full of beans – loads of energy

Gagging – desperate

Get lost! – go away!

Get stuffed! – Get lost! or Go away!

Give You A Bell – Call you

Gobby – someone who talks too much, too loudly, or uses boastful or slanderous talk

Gobsmacked - to be shocked and surprised beyond belief, amazed or awed by something

Gooseberry – to be the third person on a date

Gormless - brainless. Lacking in intelligence

Grub – food

Gutted – devastated

Hanky panky – could mean anything that happens between a couple like holding hands, kissing, sex, etc.

Happy as Larry - very happy, satisfied with the simple things in life

To Have A Butcher’s - to take a look at something or someone

Her Majesty’s Pleasure - to be in prison

Hole in the wall – a cash machine

Hoover – a vacuum cleaner

Horses for Courses – what might be good for one situation/person might not be good for another

Hunky-Dory – okay, normal, in satisfactory condition, very good, all right

I’m easy –I don’t care or it’s all the same to me

I’m Off To Bedfordshire! – I’m going to bed

It’s Monkeys Outside! - it’s very cold out

Kip – a short sleep or nap

Knackered - extremely tired, exhausted

Knees Up - a very informal gathering for any type of celebration with singing, dancing, and drinking

Knob Head – a foolish person

Knock up – to wake someone up

Know Your Onions – to be experienced in or knowledgeable about a subject

Lad – a boisterous young man

Leg it – run or run for it

Legless - totally, completely intoxicated, drunk

Loaded - really rich; "loaded" with money

Loo – a toilet

Lose The Plot –to get really angry and lose your self-control, stop acting rationally

Lurgy - sick or under the weather

Mate - a friend

Minger – a very ugly person

Minted - to be extremely rich

Mug –a gullible person

Naff – uncool, tacky, unfashionable, worthless

Nark –to be in a bad mood, or be grumpy, to annoy someone or spoil their enjoyment

Nicked – stolen

Nosh - to snack on

Nosh-up – a feast

Nutter – a crazy person

Off One’s Trolley - mad, crazy

On The Piss - to get drunk, binge drinking

Pavement Pizza - vomit

Peanuts – cheap

Pear shaped – a disaster, horribly wrong. It's all gone pear shaped

Pillock – an idiot or a real jerk

Pinch –to steal something

Piss poor – an extremely poor, extremely bad, and inadequate

Pissed – drunk

Pissed off - angry or annoyed about something or someone

Pissing around – fooling about

Plastered – heavily under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol

Plonk - cheap wine

Plonker – an idiot

Ponce - a poser

Porkies – lies

Posh –high class, very classy or sophisticated

Prat – an idiot

Pub grub - pub food

Puke – to vomit or to be sick

Put a sock in it – shut up!

Quid – £

Rubbish - crap, waste, lies, bullshit

Sack/sacked – to be fired from ones place of employment

Scouser – someone from Liverpool

Scrummy - a combination of "scrumptious" and "yummy" - delicious

See A Man About a Dog - an excuse for leaving, in order to conceal one's true destination. For example, if one is headed to the toilet

Shambolic - messy, in a state of bedlam and chaos

Shambles – chaos, disorder, poorly organised, worthless

Sixes and sevens – chaotic and confused

Shirty - ill-tempered, insolent

Shite – another way of saying shit

Shitfaced – to be really drunk

Skive – be absent from work or school during the hours that you should normally be there due to pretending to fake illness, lazy or avoid doing something

Screw up - to fail at something, to do something wrong/incorrectly (sometimes repeatedly), to describe hurting someone emotionally or physically

Smarmy – self-centered and insincere

Smashing – fine, wonderful, terrific

Sod Off – get lost, go away, shut up, and stop bothering me

Sorted – arranged

Spend A Penny - to use a toilet

Splash out – to spend far too much money

Sponger – a person who borrows or begs and does nothing to earn their own money

Snookered - to be in a bad situation

Squiffy – being a little drunk

Sprog – a child

Starkers - naked, nude and unclothed

Stonking – impressive, wonderful, awesome

Stuffed – to be full

Swotting – to study hard

Tad – a little

Taking The Piss - messing or screwing around, making fun of someone, without intending to cause serious offence

Tara – goodbye

Telly – television

Tenner – £10

The Bee’s Knees - excellent - the highest quality

Thick – stupid

Throw A Spanner In The Works - to do something that prevents a plan or activity from succeeding

Throw a wobbler - to become very angry, or throw a tantrum

Tickety-Boo - going smoothly, doing all right, proceeding quickly

Toff – people in top management, posh or upper class people

Tosh – rubbish, crap or bollocks

Tramp – a homeless person who hangs around begging and drinking

Wally – Useless, stupid person

Waffle –talk about nothing, to talk or write foolishly

Wicked – cool, good, great

Wind up – to provoke, tease or deceive

Whinge – whine or complain in an annoying manner

Wonky – not stright, not right, weird, messed up, unstable

Uni – college/university

Up the Duff – pregnant

Yakking –talking incessantly

Zonked – To be extremely tired or exhausted

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