Brummie (Brummy) is the accent and dialect (slang) of Birmingham, England. The term derives from Brummagem or Bromwichham, historical variants of the name Birmingham.

When you are in Birmingham you might hear these expressions

Alright = Hello

Cheers mate! = Thank you

Fancy a cuppa? I'm brewing one just now = Would you like a cup of tea? I've just put the kettle on

Can you spare a fag? = Can you spare a cigarette

I'm off then. Ta-ra = I'm leaving. Bye

Give me a bell on Friday = Give me a call on Friday

Bugger off = Leave me alone

Cor blimey! = Oh Gosh!

Going on the razzle, are you? = Are you going out?

That's load of bollocks = That isn't true

Ta = Thank you

Throw a wobbly = Throw a tantrum

Tarabit = good bye

Got a cob on = to be in a foul mood

Go and play up your own end - said to children making too much noise